Lights, Cameras…Action!

InventionHome attends As Seen on TV production shot

InventionHome attends As Seen on TV production shot

InventionHome’s marketing staff had the pleasure of attending the filming of a television commercial for a recently-licensed product. We can’t release too many “product” details at this time (it’s a secret!), but we CAN share some of observations from the day’s events…

These people mean business. In the weeks leading up to the commercial shoot, there was an incredible amount of preparation. Scripts were drafted, revised, and finalized. Props were purchased weeks in advance to support the script and the many scenery changes. Staffing for the event was extensive…numerous actors were brought in, as well as a top-notch camera crew. And the producers were flawless. The whole day ran like clockwork.

No expense was spared. No kidding. They staged a WEDDING for the commercial, complete with bouquets, wedding cake, bride, bridesmaids and even a flower girl. They also had stylists of various specialties on-hand to make the whole thing beautiful. We counted no less than 5 of them including hair stylist, makeup stylist, wardrobe stylist, floral stylist and food stylist.

There’s a keen attention to detail. The production crew, from producer…to cameraman…to the bevy of interns, didn’t miss anything. Our untrained eyes didn’t notice the subtle ripple in the tablecloth, or the faint shadow cast in the background of one scene. They caught those nuances, though, and they also stretched, ironed, and crawled across the room to remedy every last imperfection.

You’ve probably noticed some cheesy commercials for As Seen on TV products during the wee hours of the morning on a sleepless night. We’ve seen the first cut of the commercial, and can say that it will not be categorized as “cheesy”. It’s wonderful, and we can’t wait to share it with you. But we’ll save that for another day, when we have the blessing of both licensee and producer. Stay tuned!