Manage your company’s product submissions from anywhere on your iPad

SubmitMyInvention, one of the industry’s fastest growing product & invention submission management systems, is now easier than ever to access and use from your iPad. Simply go to on your iPad, tap the share button, and select Add to Home Screen Our App icon will then be saved to your iPad, ready for one touch access. (see instructions below)

As “Open Innovation” (OI) continues to explode, more and more companies are looking to outside entrepreneurs and innovators for new product growth. The key to embracing open innovation is in driving opportunities to you and having an efficient system for managing the submissions.

SubmitMyInvention is a turnkey system offering a solution for all size companies. With quick and easily filtering, auto response emails, pre-built submission forms and scalability to handle an unlimited number of submissions and users, SubmitMyInvention is the ideal solution for any company.

Best of all, InventionHome provides the system to any company looking for new product or invention opportunities at no charge.

As InventionHome continues to drive its vision of connecting the world’s innovators with U.S. companies, having this system in place will not only automate your process but also connect you to InventionHome’s growing worldwide network of innovation.

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