Marketing Program

Marketing & Licensing Your Invention

Most inventors and entrepreneurs are trying to find companies to pay them royalties for their inventions or to wholesale or acquire their fully developed product. InventionHome can help with either goal.

Our Marketing Process Flow

Our Marketing & Licensing Program is proactive and targeted to ensure that we are reaching the right companies for your invention. Below is a high level diagram outlining our process flow.

Marketing Approach Graph

How We Can Help You

  • Licensing for Royalties

    Licensing is when a company pays you ongoing royalties in exchange for permission to make, use or sell your invention. Typically, the company will pay all of the costs to develop, manufacture and sell the invention and pay you a royalty from sales of the invention.

    Royalties are ongoing payments made to the inventor as a result of a license agreement and are usually calculated as a percentage of the revenue received by the company from sales of the invention.

  • Selling Your Invention

    The main difference between “selling your invention” and “licensing your invention” is in the transfer of rights. When you sell your invention, you are transfering the rights or ownership of the invention. Licensing is like “renting” your patent rights or invention, which allows you to retain ownership of your invention.

  • Wholesale & Distribution

    For inventors or entrepreneurs with fully developed product with inventory, we can help you connect with companies looking to wholesale product directly from you. Through our marketing and licensing process, we target retailers, wholesalers and other companies looking for innovative products to wholesale.

What to Know Before You Begin Marketing

No Large Up-Front Fees

Unlike most companies, we do NOT charge thousands of dollars up-front for marketing. We ask to share 20% of the royalties (you keep 80%).

How to Request our Marketing Program

Our marketing program is included as part of our Invention Portfolio Packages. We offer three packages; select the option that best fits your invention and budget.

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