Marketing Program

Our Marketing Program

Our industry-leading Marketing & Licensing Program can help you find buyers for your inventions, patents or finished products.

What makes up our Marketing & Licensing Program

  • Targeted Invention Alerts (HotLinks)

    HotLinks is our proactive and targeted system for matching and presenting your invention to prospective companies. HotLinks is the primary communication process for sharing your invention with companies throughout our North American Product Innovation Network. View Our Network »

    Targeted Invention Alerts (HotLinks)

  • New Invention Showcase (iShowOnline)

    The iShowOnline is our 24/7 New Invention Showcase that offers companies easy access to search for new inventions available for license, wholesale or acquisition. The iShowOnline is a valuable marketing tool providing maximum exposure for your invention.

    iShowOnline Snapshot

  • Innovative Product Marketplace ( is our 24/7 Innovative Product Showcase designed 100% for inventors and entrepreneurs with fully developed, “market ready” product. Inventors can list these products free of charge, which can be easily searched by companies and buyers seeking fully developed products. Product listings automatically feed to our tradeshow partner websites. Visit » Snapshot

  • Hands-On Professional Marketing Support

    We operate a hands-on, relationship based program working with companies to drive successful licensing or marketing deals.

    • Management of Company InterestOur professional marketing staff will work directly with companies to drive and manage interest in your invention, which includes managing the entire product review and evaluation process, commonly referred to as “due diligence”.
    • Royalty Negotiation ManagementIf the company decides that they would like to license or purchase your invention, we will manage the negotiation process for you and we will ensure that you have the final decision on all aspects of the negotiation.
    • Contract Signing ManagementOur team will also manage the contract and contract signing to simplify the process for you or you can hire your own attorney if you’d like, at your own expense. Over the years, we have developed mutually beneficial contracts that will simplify the contract process.
    • Contract Deliverables ManagementYou might think that the process ends after a contract is signed, well, it doesn’t. Our team will continue to manage the process to ensure that the company follows through on all deliverables that were outlined in the license agreement and that they are paying royalties on time.

    Marketing Agreement