MatchProduct Launches Improved Marketplace for Innovative, “Market-Ready” Products


MatchProduct is pleased to announce the launch of their recently redesigned website for helping entrepreneurs, inventors or startups seeking to license innovative products or expand sales distribution.


The new site features a responsive design, making it optimized for all devices from desktop to mobile. Special emphasis was placed on the flat and clean user interface, allowing listed products to shine through to the forefront. On the admin side, every effort was taken to make the listing process as easy and painless as possible.


For Inventors and Companies

MatchProduct is intended for both inventors looking for licensing or wholesale opportunities and companies seeking that next big hit. The self-provisioned site enables users to signup and list an unlimited number of products for free. Inversely, companies can easily search the site by category or keyword for free, and quickly connect with the inventors behind products of interest.


When a connection is made, MatchProduct works closely with company and seller to negotiate licensing opportunities. If a sale or licensing deal is struck, MatchProduct’s compensation comes from a small commission agreement with the seller.

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