InventionHome Finds Success at This Year’s National Hardware Show

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National Hardware Show Awards Ceremony

Las Vegas, the city of non-stop action and opportunity, played home last week to the National Hardware Show, one of the largest and most respected product tradeshows in the United States. The show had over 2,200 corporate exhibitors and tens of thousands of buyer and corporate attendees. In addition, the show dedicated an entire hall for inventors and new products to be exhibited in an area called the Inventors Spotlight, which was sponsored and supported by InventionHome.

InventionHome has developed a strong working partnership with the National Hardware Show involving many components, including sponsoring and exhibiting within the Inventors Spotlight area.

Having such a strong presence at this show and others provides us with a unique opportunity to present our brand and products to the thousands of companies attending these shows annually. With such tremendous exposure to industry, we are continually adding and developing new company members to share inventions for the benefit of our inventor clients. Companies recognize that they can turn to InventionHome as an ongoing resource to find innovative new products available for sale or license.

Highlights from This Year’s Show

  • InventionHome was the sponsor of the Inventor’s Spotlight area, which brought together over 100 inventors and entrepreneurs to both display their products and attend a pre-show educational seminar presented by the United Inventors Association. Industry leaders covered various topics in the inventing process during the seminar, headlined by Ron Hazelton, inventor, author and host of “Ron Hazelton’s” HouseCalls, now in it’s eleventh season.
  • InventionHome is working with the National Hardware Show management to create an “after-show” opportunity whereby we will pull together a presentation of all the products exhibited in the Inventors Spotlight to be made available to the tens of thousands of companies that exhibited or attended the National Hardware Show. Along the way, this program will bring tremendous new exposure to InventionHome and our inventor clients. We are continually exploring and developing innovative strategies and programs to help our clients succeed.
  • InventionHome sponsored and helped manage the “PitchTank” event, which featured Kevin Harrington of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ and gave over 70 inventors the opportunity to pitch their wares face-to-face with the King of Infomercials. Kevin and his team had the daunting task of choosing just one inventor to receive a free 2 minute infomercial. After careful deliberation, “Jeweler in the Dishwasher” was chosen as the product in the PitchTank with the most potential for success on TV.
  • Our marketing team fostered relationships with many new companies, including several multi-billion dollar companies who are avidly seeking new product opportunities. Over the past few years, the Inventors Spotlight has earned the reputation as a must-see area at the show so it was no surprise to see representatives from powerhouse companies, such as Sherwin Williams, Owen Corning, Rubbermaid and more, visiting inventor booths to source new products.

In all, we’ve added over 100 new member companies to our ranks as a result of our connections formed at the show. Although none of our staff hit big money on the Vegas slots, we did hit the jackpot in terms of great networking.

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