NBC’s ‘Today Show’ Features Turbo Roaster from InventionHome Client

The Turbo Roaster on the Today Show

The results are in and the Chef Tony Turbo Roaster beat the competition in terms of producing moist, delicious turkey in half the traditional cooking time. The Turbo Roaster was licensed to a prominent company by InventionHome on behalf of their client Eduardo Suarez-Mason.

The Today Show

The Today Show traveled to the International Culinary Center in New York City to compare three products that claim to cook a turkey in half the time.  While the smaller, $20 Turbo Roaster appeared as David fighting Goliath next to the intimidating $99 Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer and the $300 Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven, it performed just as well for a fraction of the cost. The chefs all agreed that the Turbo Roaster produced a great tasting bird, exceptionally moist and juicy with nice crispy skin.

In addition to the lower price, the Turbo Roaster takes up very little space in your kitchen and can cook any size bird. The higher price appliances take up valuable counter space and are limited to birds under 14 lbs. (Butterball offers a larger fryer for $50 more that accommodates a bird up to 20 lbs.).

The Turbo Roaster is a simple device that pushes super-heated steam inside the turkey cavity, cooking it more quickly while adding moisture.

Year Round Roasting

While The Today Show segment focused on Thanksgiving and turkeys, the Turbo Roaster is great year-round. Families can now enjoy a home-cooked chicken or turkey in half the time, without waiting for a special occasion. Wouldn’t you love to add healthy, home-cooked poultry to your weekly menu?

Watch the Turbo Roaster on the Today Show

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