New and Improved Invention Portfolio Sites for Faster Product Reviews


For years, InventionHome has presented new product opportunities to companies through a standardized product web page called the Invention Portfolio Website. The Invention Portfolios are matched and forwarded directly to companies through an email-based delivery service called “HotLinks”.

Chances are good that if you are reading this article you are already familiar with the Invention Portfolio format and Hotlinks service, so we are pleased to announce a new and improved layout to streamline your review process.

The new Invention Portfolios offer several key benefits including…

A much cleaner format that brings greater visibility to the images, virtual prototypes or videos.

An upgrade to a “responsive” web platform, meaning they are now accessible not only on computers but also on smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices and will automatically scale to fit the proper device format.

A one-click feedback option. Now providing feedback on an invention is quick and simple, and gives much-needed input to the inventors. 

We hope that you find these improvements beneficial to your review process on the road to discovering your next big product hit. 

We also encourage you to review our article outlining how you can utilizing our submission management system as a more efficient delivery system for receiving new opportunities as opposed to our email Hotlinks process.