Introducing the New InventionHome Blog

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With the InventionHome community growing larger and more experienced everyday, it became obvious that we needed a better solution to speak directly to our fellow inventors. More importantly, however, we needed a better way for you to speak to us.

The new InventionHome Blog is our attempt to deliver a higher-quality, more relevant stream of information to the inventor community. At the same time, we’re hoping that you will join in the discussion below, share your own experience and help shape the content we deliver over the weeks and months to come.

Here’s What We Have in Store for You…

The following is a small sample of content we already have in place, but this lineup is sure to grow and change based on your inventor feedback:

Inventor Articles

Inventor Articles are the real meat and potatoes of the InventionHome Blog. Our experienced staff will provide a steady stream of tips and tricks to help you through all phases of the invention process.

Tradeshows & Inventor Opportunities

Through our close relationship with the United Inventors Association (UIA) and multiple tradeshow organizations, we can deliver timely information about upcoming events and online opportunities.

Invention of the Week

A fun, up-close look at some of the most unique inventions provided by our community.

Inventor Polls

Every month, we’ll post a new Inventor Poll in the sidebar and use the results to better shape the content we provide in the future. Plus you get to see where you fit in amongst your inventor peers. Check out the sidebar now for the September poll question: “How far along are you in the invention process?”

Plus Much More…

Don’t forget, commenting is quick and easy with no registration required. Please jump into the discussion below and let us know what you want to see next!