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No Tangle 2-Dog Leash

No Tangle, 2-Dog Leash

Independent inventor January B. enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist her in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for her invention.

No Tangle, 2-Dog Retractable and Adjustable Leashes are designed to allow dog walkers to walk two dogs without intertwining the leads.

When walking more than one dog at the same time, it is easy to get the leads intertwined. The owner may end up getting a workout trying to figure out how to disentangle the mess. Once the leads are straightened out, it is often difficult to walk dogs that have vastly different temperaments, as one may want to chase birds in one direction while the other could refuse to move. Also, the conventional way of walking two dogs requires purchasing two leashes and then takes up both hands while walking, making it difficult to pick up waste and maintain control of the animals. A more efficient solution is necessary.

No Tangle, 2-Dog Retractable and Adjustable Leashes provide owners with an easy way to walk two dogs at the same time and gives dogs the freedom to walk without being tethered to each other. The tangle-free walking session is made possible by the patented Detangler, which moves freely up and down the two leads, continuously preventing the leads from becoming tangled. One or both dogs can be restrained or allowed to roam freely at a distance determined by the pet walker. Owners of multiple dogs and pet care professionals will appreciate the convenience and design of this unique product.

Fully developed prototype available upon request.

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