Partsmaster Embraces Open Innovation with SubmitMyInvention


Each month, we feature a company that opens its doors to the ingenuity of independent inventors and entrepreneurs by using InventionHome’s submission management system called “SubmitMyInvention” (SMI). This month’s featured company is Partsmaster.

Partsmaster & Innovation

Partsmaster is a manufacturer of problem solving maintenance and repair products to companies throughout various industries. Innovation has always been a key focus of the company to drive new products and solutions, but it wasn’t until recently that they decided to tap the resourcefulness of independent inventors.

Partsmaster’s Michelle Murray, Strategic Innovation & Applications Manager, has spent the past year building inroads into the inventor community. “As a patron sponsor of the United Inventors Association of America, Partsmaster welcomes this opportunity to expand our network within the invention community,” said Murray. “As an inventor’s advocate, I work to create win-win opportunities with fair contracts that make the most of our marketing and production expertise.”

“As an inventor’s advocate, I work to create win-win opportunities with fair contracts that make the most of our marketing and production expertise.”
Partsmaster’s Michelle Murray

Managing Open Innovation

As the word spread of the company’s desire for innovation, Murray’s phone began to ring off the hook and her email box filled up every day with inventor inquiries and submissions. “It was great…but was quickly becoming hard to manage”, said Murray. It was through an industry colleague that Michelle first heard of InventionHome’s SMI system, and a brief demo was all she needed to get the ball rolling towards implementation.

SMI Makes Life Easier

Fast-forward several months, and Partsmaster just recently launched their brand new “Inventor Central” website. The site uses SMI as it’s backbone for collecting and managing inventor submissions. It provides an easy and efficient way for inventors to submit product ideas. And on the flip-side, it gives Murray and the rest of Partsmaster’s product development team a streamlined manner in which to review, consider and manage not just the info, but also inventors’ expectations.

About Partsmaster

Partsmaster, a premier MRO solutions company dedicated to making its customers’ work easier, was established in 1968 as a division of NCH Corporation, a leading provider of industrial goods since 1919. Partsmaster offers intelligent solutions that solve the problem. Their exclusive brands include products not available anywhere else. The Partsmaster brands include Cryotool® cutting tools; Dyna Systems® fasteners; Mega Metal® polymer repair compounds; Trust-X® high productivity abrasives; X-Ergon® welding products; Partsmaster Solution Series hand tools; and Partsmaster Services. Combined with a sales and service commitment, Partsmaster is your knowledgeable, strategic partner that understands your business, your needs and always takes care of you. For more information, check out their site