Apparatus to Assist with Pill Ingestion

MONROEVILLE, Pa., October 26, 2009 — InventionHome is pleased to announce that they have finalized a license agreement for a unique product titled “Apparatus to Assist with Pill Ingestion”. Inventor Steve S. of Greensboro, North Carolina set out to develop a product to make the task of swallowing a pill easier for users of any age. Taking a pill is a scary task for many people. Some people have aversions to swallowing pills, which cause the throat muscles to constrict. Other times, when a person’s mouth and throat are dry, the pill can become stuck and dissolve a little…leaving a bad, powdery taste in the person’s mouth. A dry mouth can also cause a gag reflex, which can be uncomfortable and even painful for the user. Steven’s invention consists of a screw-on attachment for water (and other beverage) bottles. The user simply places the pill into an upper, mesh-lined chamber. When the user brings the bottle to the lips to drink, the pill is flushed to the back of the user’s mouth and is easily swallowed.

InventionHome introduced the device to a manufacturer with a very broad distribution network. The company spent a long time deliberating over the product before finally arriving at a license agreement today. Congratulations, Steve!