Splitting Your Pills Has Never Been Easier

MONROEVILLE, Pa., April 14, 2009 — InventionHome is pleased to feature a patent-protected tool for splitting pills of any shape called the Rotatable Pill Splitter. Independent inventor Walt Cheney is working with InventionHome to market and license his product to companies in exchange for royalties. Walt created, prototyped and was awarded a utility patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his tool that gives individuals the option to halve and quarter pills with great accuracy. The product consists of a lid and base with interchangeable pill beds in a variety of colors to accommodate a number of standard and unique pill sizes. When the user wants to split a pill he selects the correct bed to match the pill size and inserts both into the device. The pill bed holds the pill into the proper position and aligns it with the blade below. The user rotates the outside lever of the pill bed and presto….the pill is split! This is a great product for any individual who has a difficult time cutting a pill of any shape. How many times has a doctor increased or decreased the dosage of a frequently prescribed drug and decided to write a new script for the medication? In many circumstances the individual could have a supply at home and would love to split or quarter his previously purchased meds to get the right dosage. The Rotatable Pill Splitter allows the user to be economical and accurate with his medication.