Enter the Pitch Tank at the 2012 National Hardware Show

What would you do with two minutes to pitch your product to one of the most influential figures in the Infomercial industry? Pitch Tank is your opportunity to make it happen!

InventionHome has teamed with the National Hardware Show to bring Investor Shark and TVGood’s Chairman, Kevin Harrington, and his Pitch Tank event to the 2012 Show in Las Vegas in May. Kevin and TVGood’s co-founder and CEO, Steve Rogai, will be listening to two minute “pitches” from inventors and entrepreneurs and providing professional feedback based on a combined 40 years of retail and direct response television experience. Each presenter will be in the running for a chance to win a two-minute infomercial production deal from TVGoods.

Pitch Tank with Kevin Harrington

How Pitch Tank Works

Two minutes may not seem like very much time for an inventor to explain a product so dear to his heart, but the “elevator pitch” has proven to be an effective method for a company to quickly weed out unwanted ideas from the desirable ones. The two minute limit encourages the presenter to be concise and get immediately to the value the invention offers. While being in “the tank” might seem more like a pressure cooker to some, we can assure you that Kevin and Steve will be offering friendly, expert advice to those presenting, while keeping their eyes out for great money-making inventions.

Pitch Tank is open to exhibitors for a nominal fee at the 2012 National Hardware Show held May 1-3 in Las Vegas. This invitation to pitch includes inventors exhibiting in the Inventors Spotlight area sponsored by InventionHome and the United Inventors Association (UIA).

Inventor’s Spotlight at the National Hardware Show

Located on the Show Floor, the Inventor’s Spotlight area will showcase approximately 130 inventions that will be considered for achievement in three categories: Best Product Concept, Best Overall Product and Best Market Research. The winners will be featured in Inventor Digest magazine. This is the fifth year that the UIA has sponsored the Inventor’s Spotlight and the Inventor’s Education Day held prior to the show floor opening.

It’s not too early to reserve your booth space and a swim in the Pitch Tank. For more information on attending or exhibiting at the Show and reserving your spot in the Pitch Tank, please contact Cheryl Fishbone with the National Hardware Show at 203.840.5444 or cfishbone@reedexpo.com.