Plus Portfolio

  • Portfolio Components

    • Invention Portfolio Website

      We will prepare a well-organized, well-written and professional web-based presentation tool used to showcase the value of your invention. If you opted in to our Marketing and Licensing Program, the invention portfolio is used in our HotLinks and iShowOnline marketing programs. If you are purchasing the invention portfolio to market on your own, you will receive a guest login and password to share with companies.

    • Professional Writing & Editing

      Our writing team will work to ensure your invention portfolio is written and edited to best represent your invention to prospective companies.

    • Designated Support Representative

      Once you begin work with InventionHome you will have a professional account manager assigned to work with you throughout the entire invention portfolio creation process and beyond.

    • 1 Year Web Hosting & Maintenance

      We will manage, maintain and cover the cost of hosting your invention portfolio for the first year. Afterwards a small annual renewal fee would apply (if applicable).

    • Pre-Marketing Setup

      Once your invention portfolio is complete, our marketing team will prepare your invention to be marketed, which includes a portfolio review and category and keyword analysis and classification. We will also perform a company review and good match identification to be used throughout our marketing and licensing program.

    • Optional Portfolio Features (not included)

      1. Audio Enhancement ($300) – professionally recorded audio can be added to your plus portfolio, which enhances your overall presentation and success impact. Highly Recommended! 2. Video ($199) – If you already have a video demo of your invention, we can add this video directly to your invention portfolio.

  • Included Design Work

    • 5 Virtual Design Images of Your Invention

      Includes 5 high-resolution, 3D Virtual Designs that provide a real-life look and feel for your invention to show prospective buyers how it will look as a real product.

  • Marketing & Licensing Program (See both options below)

    All Invention Portfolios can be purchased with or without our Marketing & Licensing Program. Both options are presented below:

    • With Marketing…

      • 1 Year Targeted Invention Alerts (HotLinks)

        Your invention will be included in our HotLinks program for one year. HotLinks is our proactive and targeted system for matching and presenting your invention to prospective companies. This is the primary communication process for sharing your invention throughout our North American Product Innovation Network.

      • 1 Year Invention Showcase (iShowOnline)

        Your invention will also be listed on our New Invention Showcase, called iShowOnline, for one year. The iShowOnline can be accessed 24/7 by companies looking for new inventions. Any company can search the “Public” iShowOnline to view our nonconfidential inventions or they can log into our secure database (private) to search all confidential inventions or inventions with provisional patent applications, which are treated as confidential on the iShowOnline.

      • Management of Company Interest

        Our professional marketing staff will work directly with companies to drive and manage interest in your invention, which includes managing the entire product review and evaluation process, commonly referred to as “due diligence”.

      • Royalty Negotiation Management

        If the company decides that they would like to license or purchase your invention, we will manage the negotiation process for you and we will ensure that you have the final decision on all aspects of the negotiation.

      • Contract Signing Management

        Our team will also manage the contract and contract signing to simplfy the process for you. Or, you can hire your own attorney if you’d like, at your own expense. Over the years, we have developed mutually beneficial contracts that will simplify the contract process.

      • Contract Deliverables Management

        You might think that the process ends after a contract is signed, well, it doesn’t. Our team will continue to manage the process to ensure that the company follows through on all deliverables that were outlined in the license agreement and that they are paying royalties on time.

    • Without Marketing…

      If you purchase a Plus Portfolio for your own marketing efforts, we will provide you with a guest login and password to share with prospective companies to access your invention information. We will NOT market your invention unless you decide to upgrade to our marketing program, which can be done at anytime provided that your invention meets our marketing criteria.

Plus Portfolio With Marketing Without Marketing
Invention Portfolio $1799 $1799
Pre-Marketing Setup + 200 does not apply
Total Portfolio Cost $1999 $1799
Marketing & Licensing Program
(HotLinks + iShowOnline)
80/20 Royalty Sharing * does not apply
Renewal Cost
(after 1 year if applicable)
$199/yr $49/yr

*Instead of charging large up-front fees for our Marketing & Licensing Program, we ask for 20% of royalties if we succeed (you keep 80%).

Optional Portfolio Features (Recommended)

  • Audio can be added to your Invention Portfolio ($300)
  • Video can be added to your Invention Portfolio ($199)
  • What can I expect after placing an order for an Invention Portfolio?

    Upon receipt of your order, we will create an online account and email you a login and password within three (3) business days. The login and password will give you access to your online account and invention portfolio, which we will create. You will be asked to go through a setup process so that we can begin work on your invention portfolio.

  • What is the setup process?

    We utilize an online account system to facilitate the invention portfolio setup as well as a means of communicating information with you. From your online account, you will be able to review and approve the work. We will also provide a designated account manager to work with you through the entire process.

  • What if I plan to use the portfolio to market my invention on my own?

    The setup process is the same, however, when your portfolio is complete, we will email you a Guest User ID and password so that you can provide it to potential manufacturers.

  • How long will it take to set up my invention portfolio?

    Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks to complete a basic portfolio or 6-8 weeks to complete a plus or premium portfolio. Set up times are estimates only and may vary, depending on factors such as, inventor response time and multiple change requests. You will have final approval of your invention portfolio once work is completed.

  • Do I own my invention portfolio?

    Yes. All rights and ownership to your portfolio will remain with you once the portfolio is completed, however, there is a small annual renewal fee to keep your portfolio active.

  • How soon can I begin the Marketing and Licensing Program?

    Once we complete and you approve your invention portfolio it typically takes 1-2 weeks to transition your invention to our Marketing and Licensing Program, which is our “Pre-Marketing Setup”.

  • How long will it take to license my invention?

    It is important to understand that there is no way to know if your invention will be licensed or how long it might take. Our goal is to provide the very best system to maximize your chances of success, while minimizing your costs and risks.

  • If I purchase the Invention Portfolio without marketing, can I add the program at a later date?

    Most likely you would be able to add our marketing program later, as long as you have patent protection and your invention does not fall outside our marketing criteria. In addition, you would have to pay the difference of $200 to upgrade to our Marketing and Licensing Program, which covers the “Pre-Marketing” setup.

  • If I purchase the Invention Portfolio without marketing, how much do you charge per company contact?

    Some inventors purchase invention portfolios to use for their own marketing efforts, which means they do not have to share in the royalties if they are successful. If you purchase an invention portfolio (without marketing) but you would still like us to contact a few companies for you, we charge $50 per company contact plus 20% of royalties if we are successful in negotiating a license agreement for you. NOTE – you must have one of our invention portfolio packages for us to contact companies.

  • Can I purchase your Marketing and Licensing program separate from the Invention Portfolio?

    No. Our Marketing and Licensing Program is included in our invention portfolio packages and cannot be purchased separately.