How to Protect Your Idea on a Limited Budget

One of the fastest and least expensive ways for inventors to protect their ideas is by filing a Provisional Patent Application (PPA).

Oftentimes, inventors with a new product idea or improvement to an existing product, incorrectly assume that they should immediately jump to filing a full “Utility Patent” on their invention. While Utility Patent protection may be the ultimate end-goal, many inventors could be better off starting the process with a PPA.

Five Benefits of Filing a Provisional Patent Application

The following are five benefits of filing a Provisional Patent Application (PPA) before filing a Utility Patent Application:

  1. Lower cost

    A PPA can be prepared and filed for significantly less money than a more costly utility patent.

  2. Easy to File

    The PPA is much easier to complete and can even be done by inventors themselves if they take the time to understand how to complete a thorough application.

  3. Immediate “Patent-Pending” Status

    Since the patent office does not review or approve a PPA, inventors can immediately use the term “patent-pending” once the application has been filed.

  4. Provides 12 Months of Further Development Time

    Although the PPA is not a substitute for ultimately filing a utility patent application, it provides the inventor with 12 months of valuable time to further develop or market the invention. You could spend thousands of dollars on filing a utility patent application, up front, only to realize later that you need to make changes to your invention or that your invention is not going to sell/license. One good reason to start with a low-cost PPA.

  5. Establishes Priority Date

    Once your application has been filed, you have established a priority date for your patent. This means that when and if you file a utility application, you will be able to claim the original provisional filing date.

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