QVC Sprouts™ Launches in InventionHome Inventors Corner at 2012 International Home + Housewares Show

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QVC Sprouts™ springs into action in March 2012 in the Inventors Corner Pavilion of the 2012 International Home + Housewares Show. To kick off the Sprouts program, QVC is giving attendees the opportunity to present their products live to a panel of QVC buyers at the show!

How the Presentations will Work

The presentations will take place on the last day of the show, Tuesday, March 13th, in the Inventor’s Revue area of InventionHome’s Inventors Corner Pavilion. The inventors will each have a chance to demonstrate his/her product while facing the seated panel. The Revue area has audience seating and is open to anyone attending the show.

Inventors will receive immediate feedback from the panel resulting in one of the following scenarios:

  1. acceptance into the QVC Sprouts program
  2. rejection as not suitable for QVC
  3. given advice and asked to resubmit to QVC Sprouts at a later date.

How QVC Sprouts Works

Each week, QVC will promote select products on and let their customers vote on the products they would like to buy. If your product grabs the top vote at week’s end, they will make it available for purchase online the following week. Robust sales on would lead to a spot on the QVC TV shopping channel.

This program opens up opportunities for inventors on QVC that might not have made the cut through the standard QVC product evaluation process. Requirements for QVC are often difficult for new vendors to meet, thus eliminating winning products before they even get a chance on air. QVC Sprouts is a low-risk way for the inventor to discover if their product is desired by QVC shoppers and for QVC to discover those hidden gems from entrepreneurs and inventors.

Who should apply and how do I submit?

Inventors with market-ready products that demonstrate well should consider applying. Products should have mass appeal and solve a real problem. Click here to submit your product for consideration:

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As with any public disclosure of an idea, the inventor should take necessary steps to protect the idea and seek counsel with questions. There is no charge to submit or present your product to QVC. Inventors will be required to pay their own travel expenses.

Good Luck! We hope to see you in Chicago!