2014 Year in Review – InventionHome Highlights


With 2015 underway, we are extremely excited for the opportunities that the New Year will bring and look forward to working with inventors from all over the globe. As each year begins, we like to pause and reflect on the progress and successes from the previous year.

Product Success

In 2014 we reached a major milestone in the area of product licensing by finalizing our 200th Marketing/Licensing Agreement on behalf of our clients.  The 200th deal was on an invention called the Unique Seat invented by Shirley Hayden.  The invention is an innovative seating system that starts as a backpack and converts into outdoor seating for one or two people, including a comfortable multi-purpose blanket.

In addition, we managed over 850 product interest reviews throughout the year and ended the year with over 170 products under review and consideration by companies.  Nearly 20 of those marketing / licensing deals were finalized in 2014.

The Unique Seat and it’s inventor, Shirley Hayden

National Product Launches

We were excited to see several of our licensed products reach national sales and national distribution in such venues as Lowes, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Publishers Clearinghouse, Target, Rite-Aid, Improvments Catalog, Gold Violin, Amerimark and Amazon.

It’s a thrilling experience to be able to walk into a national retail store and see your invention on the shelves, as was the case with Scott Davies, inventor of the “2Way Tray” that rolled out nationally in Lowe’s in 2014. Our InventionHome team helped bring these products to life, and we could not be happier for our inventors!

Scott Davies, inventor of the 2Way Tray

Media Feature

The ‘Pittsburgh Today Live’ Show on CBS (kdka) featured InventionHome President Russell Williams with host, Kristine Sorensen, discussing InventionHome’s 4th Annual DRTV Product Summit.


DRTV Product Summit

We hosted our 4th Annual DRTV Product Summit where we brought six leading “As Seen On TV” companies to Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA to meet with 22 aspiring inventors to pitch their products. Inventors were invited to submit their products for a chance to be selected to attend; each inventor selected was given ten minutes with each of the six companies to pitch their product (60 minutes total).


The Summit helped bring attention to some of our inventors’ unique products. We enjoy seeing the active engagement between inventors and manufacturers and hope to continue expanding the DRTV Product Summit to help inventors receive nationally-recognized attention for their innovative ideas.

Trade Shows Sponsorships

2014 was another great year for us in the area of trade shows. We sponsored inventor areas at numerous national trade shows, bringing great opportunities and exposure to inventors and providing companies the opportunity to see the latest innovations from independent inventors in one central location. Shows included: PGA Merchandise Show, National Hardware Show, Response Expo, and the International Home and Housewares Show.


Response Expo InventionHome Pavilion

InventionHome teamed with Janice Lieberman, Today Show correspondent, at the Response Expo to help bring broader exposure for inventors exhibiting at the show.  Ms. Leiberman filmed interviews with inventors in the Pavilion and several inventions were included in her on-air segment a few days later.

InventionHome was acknowledged on the Today Show.

Watch Today Show Video

DAP, Techtronic Industries, Danco and Iron Bridge Tools Product Hunts

We were extremely pleased to team with the National Hardware Show to offer their Inventors Spotlight exhibitors a chance to meet and pitch their products face-to-face with DAP, Techtronic Industries, Danco and Iron Bridge Tools. We are actively striving to bring about more engagement with inventors and manufacturers for innovative ideas, and these pitches can help bring about positive interaction and feedback for various inventions.

Customer Satisfaction

InventionHome’s continued focus on delivering high quality services and support helped us maintain a customer satisfaction rating consistently above 98%. Our team works endlessly to supply every, single inventor with the opportunity to bring their idea to life, and we are always incredibly happy to know our inventors appreciate the hard work. We want to thank YOU for helping achieve our outstanding customer satisfaction goals and will continue to work hard to provide inventors with top-of-the-line services and support.

Network Membership

In addition to maintaining our existing network of thousands of companies, we added hundreds of additional companies to our network. We also continued to help companies automate their process of managing product submissions through our submission management system, Submit My Invention. Our system is currently being used by a wide range of companies across many categories.


BONUS: Our Inventors!

Our last, and most important, aspect of 2014 was having the opportunity to work with each and every inventor contacting InventionHome. Helping bring YOUR ideas to life brings about an unmatchable sense of pride for our company—being able to help inventors achieve some of their dreams and goals is something nobody on our team takes for granted. We want to be there for YOU and hope to continue this trend into the New Year. We look forward to seeing what kinds of new ideas each of you have in store for 2015!

It’s a great year for an idea!