Sip N Dip Cookie Dipper

MONROEVILLE, PA, February 24, 2015 — InventionHome is pleased to announce a marketing agreement for the “Sip N Dip Cookie Dipper” by inventor David K.

Most people would agree that nothing goes better with cookies than a glass of cold milk, and David created a special device to perfect the art of cookie dunking. David’s cookie dipper provides a resting place for a cookie, then when lowered into a glass of milk the cookie will soak up milk while allowing the user to drink through an integrated straw. When ready to partake of the cookie, just lift and eat. No more soggy fingers, no more crumbled cookie, no more mess. InventionHome is pleased to have introduced the product to a manufacturing company, and looks forward to seeing the product on the market in 2015.

Congratulations, David!