Strap Attachable Portable Basketball System

MONROEVILLE, Pa., February 12, 2010 — InventionHome is pleased to announce that they have finalized a license agreement for a unique product titled “Strap Attachable Portable Basketball System” Inventor Todd G. of Huntington Beach, California has been playing the game of basketball since he was a young kid. He realized that many apartment-dwellers, or homeowners with small yards, have a hard time accomodating a traditional hoop. So Todd developed a portable hoop system that can be affixed to any upright structure having a radius, such as a light pole or a tree. Ratcheting straps affix the hoop securely, and the device can easily be adjusted in height.

InventionHome shared Todd’s invention with a variety of sporting goods companies and generated interest from a company specializing in sales within the “commercial” segment (selling to schools, gyms, hospitals, etc.). A final license agreement was completed today. Congratulations, Todd!