Tales of an InventionHome Licensing Agent

Hello readers!  I’m a licensing agent at InventionHome.  I’m one of the folks on the IH staff who turns over rocks in search of marketing opportunities for our inventor clients.

I know that the invention process can be an emotional roller-coaster ride with lots of ups and downs for inventors.  I know this because I am also on that roller-coaster with our clients!  My job puts me in contact with many companies to share new product ideas and inventions.  When companies see items that look interesting, they typically have a laundry-list of questions for me, and I (in turn) contact our inventor-clients to get answers.

As I delve into product follow-up, I’m developing relationships with each and every inventor with whom I come in contact.  I’ve heard many stories recounting their product inspiration, I’ve helped brainstorm any obstacles that might arise, and I’ve engaged in licensing discussions to explain the ins-and-outs of pending agreements.  In short, I’ve made friends with inventors and I’m really pulling for their success!

Just last week, I was on our annual summer vacation with my family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina when my daughter and I wandered into a beach-side shop in Corolla, NC called The Cotton Gin.  The store was full of gift items and souvenirs.  While standing in the checkout line to buy postcards, I spied one of MY licensed products!

Called “Frogleggs”, the item is a cord that connects sunglasses to a hat or around the user’s neck.  Since I played an important role in the licensing of the product, I was delighted to see how the distribution had grown to include even the small boutique shops on the beaches of NC.  I instantly recalled my many conversations with Danny, the inventor leading up to the licensing agreement. And at that moment, I was excited to see Danny’s product selling in such an expected location!


While it’s a long and winding ride from product idea to the store shelves, the trip is surely worth it when you actually see your product for sale in a store.   To all my inventor friends out there, I hope you have the opportunity to take a well-deserved vacation this summer and someday, with hard work and a little luck, experience the excitement of seeing your invention in a store when you least expect it.