Tips on Simplifying Innovation


With 2013 winding down, have you given any thought to expanding your product line in 2014? Here are some tips from InventionHome to make sure you start the New Year with an innovative outlook!

  1. Are there specific categories/keywords that BEST describe the types of products you are seeking? Make sure you let InventionHome know the specifics and we can canvas all of our inventors to make sure no stone is left unturned.
  2. Are you looking for ways to connect directly with inventors?  Get involved with social media marketing! You’ll find groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that cater to the inventor community, and there is an abundance of blogs on the subject. If you let (the inventors) know that you’re seeking innovation, they will come!
  3. Once you get an influx of inventor submissions coming to you, you’ll need a streamlined way to manage them. Check out our “SubmitMyInvention” (SMI) service for a turnkey system to manage all of your external submissions. Chock-full of features like customizable inventor submission form and auto-responder emails to inventors, SMI will simplify your review process.

InventionHome would love to be your partner in innovation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss any of our FREE services!