Turbo Roaster Invention Goes National After Attending InventionHome’s DRTV Product Summit

Turkey Roaster

The Turkey Roaster

When Eduardo S. first attended one of InventionHome’s DRTV Product Summits he didn’t imagine his Turbo Roaster invention would soon make its way to a national product launch under the Chef Tony brand.

Shortly after Eduardo attended the DRTV Product Summit, InventionHome landed a deal with a prominent company specializing in the marketing and distribution of direct response television products. After months of preparation and work, Turbo Roaster will soon be selling in stores nationwide, supported by a 2-minute TV spot, featuring Chef Tony. The product is currently available for purchase online through Walmart, Amerimark, Carol Wright Gifts and AsSeenOnTV.

The Turkey Roaster in Action

The Turbo Roaster

The Turbo Roaster enables people to cook juicier, moister poultry in a fraction of the time needed for traditional methods. The device uses innovative vapor infusion technology, and can cook a 6 lb. chicken in 45 minutes and a 24 lb. turkey in two hours.

The inventor explained that he had created other successful inventions in the past as an employee, but did not profit despite their successes. In one case, he said, “All I got was a pat on the back and a bonus, while the company I worked for cornered the market and made substantial profit from my invention every year after.”

“After my device worked and friends raved about it, I decided to figure out how to market my invention.”

This time around, he was determined to reap the benefits of his hard work. He explained that it’s hard to be an inventor. “After my device worked and friends raved about it, I decided to figure out how to market my invention.” While doing substantial online research to find a company that could help him license his product, he discovered InventionHome and signed on for a portfolio and their marketing program. Eduardo was selected to attend InventionHome’s first annual DRTV Product Summit at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh and shortly after the Product Summit InventionHome landed the deal for Eduardo.

DRTV Product Summit

The DRTV Product Summit is InventionHome’s one-day inventor pitch event where 24 selected inventors from around the country attend and pitch their inventions to six prominent DRTV companies in one location.

To learn more about the Turbo Roaster and follow its success, check out its site→