UIA Director Mark Reyland Reflects on InventionHome’s DRTV Product Summit

Mark Reyland, Director of the United Inventors Association, attended InventionHome’s DRTV Product Summit and took some time to reflect on an experience he described as “drastically different” from any other product search. Two of the key reasons Mr. Reyland cited for this difference were “Odds and Education”:

The odds were six times better that any one inventor would strike a deal, and from the initial registration, to bringing in a QVC host to teach the inventors how to present, InventionHome bet that an educated inventor doing six presentations in the same morning would have a much better chance of landing a deal—and they were right.

Congratulations to the inventors who had success with their products! Thanks to InventionHome for giving them that opportunity by thinking WAY outside the box, and to the companies who came all the way to Pittsburgh to help make an inventor’s dream come true.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to Mr. Reyland for his support and invite you to read his full summary of the DRTV Product Summit on the UIA’s Daily Inventors Blog.

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