Update to a Cloud-Based Submission Management System


Chances are that when you open your email each morning, a subject line titled, “HotLink from InventionHome” might be waiting for you. When InventionHome was founded 10 years ago, our mission was to develop a streamlined method for sharing new invention opportunities with our member companies and email was the perfect platform for delivering this information.

Fast forward 10 years…while many of our member companies still prefer to receive products submissions (HotLinks) via email, others are now interested in our new and improved method for receiving and managing product submissions directly online in a more methodical, manageable and streamlined way.

For those of you that wish to take Open Innovation to the next level, consider upgrading from our HotLink email approach to our new and improved web-based system called SubmitMyInvention (SMI).

Benefits of upgrading to SubmitMyInvention:

SubmitMyInvention enables you to consolidate all of your submissions into a central, cloud-based system combining info from InventionHome with any other inventor submission coming to your direct.

You’ll still receive HotLinks, hand-selected to fit your company categories/keywords but they will be delivered directly into your online system.

Use the simple point-and-click interface to review and share submissions with other decision-makers

Products/Inventions can be reviewed anytime (24/7) via a secure login and password to access your company’s account

System enables you to sort submissions to meet your needs, also to assign ranks and add internal notes for reference

If you’re interested in learning more about SubmitMyInvention call Bob Raspet at 866-844-6512 x117 or email braspet@blog.inventionhome.com.