Why InventionHome?

8 Great Reasons to Choose InventionHome

Choosing the right company to help with your invention means selecting a company you can trust and one that has the knowledge, resources and relationships to succeed.

  • Industry-Leading Marketing & Licensing Program

    InventionHome offers the most innovative and streamlined Marketing & Licensing Program available to inventors. With thousands of companies using us as a resource for finding inventions, we have what it takes to help you license your invention or sell finished product. Marketing Your Invention »

“As a first time inventor, I have depended on Inventionhome to reach the level of marketing, research and exposure that I could never have done by myself…”

Tim K.,
Inventor of the Saw Through Saw Horse

Tim. K, Inventor

“InventionHome is a valuable resource for us to find innovative new products and inventions.”

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  • Easy 3-Step Inventor Process

    We offer an easy, 3-step inventor process. Use our process from the start, or “jump” in at any step, if you have already started work on your invention. Or, select individual services that best fit your particular needs. Inventor Services »

  • Proven Success Model

    We developed our own invention into a multi-million dollar product line. Today, we are helping countless inventors and have achieved a long list of successful marketing agreements.

  • Low-Cost, Low-Risk Approach

    While many companies charge thousands of dollars up-front for marketing/licensing, our model offers a low-cost, low-risk, alternative to this approach. We DO NOT charge large up-front fees for marketing/licensing.

  • Reputable. Reliable. Credible.

    More companies and trade shows recommend InventionHome than any other company in the industry. We consistently maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rating, and are members of the United Inventors Association.

  • Marketing Fairness Guarantee

    We do not lockup your invention limiting your ability to do your own marketing. We only get paid our commission if we license your invention for you, not if you succeed on your own.

  • 100% Success Payback Guarantee

    Our guarantee means that if we license your invention, we pay you back (out of our share of future royalties) 100% of any service fee paid to us. We make nothing until you are paid back in full.

  • Royalty Negotiation & Support

    We manage the contract and negotiation process for you at no additional cost. We will work with you through the negotiation process and you will have final say on all decisions about the agreement.